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Cross Pest Control provides affordable and professional pest control service for your commercial property.
Cross Pest Control provides affordable and professional pest control service for your residential property.
Cross Pest Control provides affordable and professional pest control service for your industrial property.
From your home, to your business, we've got you covered
with great service at affordable prices. Call for a free 
Call Cross Pest Control for a FREE quote on a customized service for you!

General Pest Solutions

The "original" 6-month pest control service guarantees protection from ants, palmetto bugs, & silverfish during the period. The perfect prevention of the typical Florida pests for your home.

Our state-registered service providers will start by visiting your home or business. Once there, they will evaluate the interior and outer perimeter of your home to identify pest problems and potential areas of concern. We treat the inside and, as a courtesy, we will spray on the outside if/when needed.

German Roaches

German roaches are a relentless species of roach. You've probably tried everything to get rid of them- bug bombs, gels, sprays, etc.- with no results. Not only do they repopulate at lightning-fast rate, they are also extremely resistant to most products, unfortunately. But, the good news is that licensed pest control technicians have access to chemicals that are stronger and specifically formulated for German Roaches. All while being safe for your people and your pets! Our technicians will evaluate your situation and create a personalized plan-of-action to get them under control and take care of them once and for all.



Rid your home or business of rodents with our monthly rodent box service. Rodents cause many problems around your home. From chewing wires, to carrying possible diseases, rodents are trouble. Rodent boxes are placed outside of your home or business; additionally, we seal any rodent entryways in your home or building. Once rodents are fully eliminated from inside your home or business, we can customize a preventative service plan to keep them from coming back.



We are experienced in termite identification and control. Our technicians are experienced in treating subterranean termite infestations. If you have any questions about termites, our technicians have all of the answers you need to put your mind at rest. 

We treat termites with Termidor®.  Termidor® is an advanced liquid technology that termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid.  Ingestion is not the only way Termidor® works. It even kills termites by contact. This is good news for you because whenever a termite ingests or touches Termidor®, it will kill every other termite it comes in contact with.

*Service available in certain counties only. Call for more information.


We know your pets are an important part of your family. Not only do the humans of the family need a pest-free life, but so do the fur babies! We offer flea services for inside and out of the home (location depending- call us!). Our products are pet-friendly and the best of the best for your little companions. Pair our services with flea medication from the vet.

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Ants, roaches, rodents, termites, & fleas are just the basics that we have mastered for over half a century. Our trained technicians are experts on all things "Florida pests". Got a question or concern about a pest bugging you? Call us! We can get you in contact with one of our professionals to consult, identify, give you tips and tricks, and find a solution for you!

General Pest Solutions
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German Roaches
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